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Switch Words for Harmony Part IV

Naran S Balakumar “SLOW CARE” Slow means be patient and be wise. Slow will tell you what has to be corrected in you. We are always very fast. When you go on the road by car, you cannot see everything on the road. When you go by cycle, you see a lot of things on the road which you have missed in the car. When you walk, you find more things. Whatever you have missed in life, SLOW will bring them. CARE means be slow and carefully observe. It is very helpful for children. When you want to retain a person, you should extend your love – “SLOW CARE LOVE DIVINE DELIGHT” Sometimes we feel impatient. When you feel something is delayed, “SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE”. When your work depends on somebody and you want to do it fast, “SLOW CARE TOGETHER HALFWAY DIVINE”. “HALFWAY DIVINE” – done immediately. “SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE” is very good for Doctor’s diagnosis.


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