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Sweets are good for family health

Client My husband yells at our son and me and blames my son or me for making his life miserable. My son feels hurt and weeping, because he loves his father very much. Today, my husband yelled at me because I requested him to help my son with his studies and said he would walk out of the house. He threatens me and my son like this, whenever he feels stressed. Please suggest some switch words or remedies to help us all out of this mindset without creating any lasting damage to my son and to the relationship.

Naran  Chant “CHOCOLATE” to change misplaced and uncontrollable anger. The switch word Chocolate can be helpful in defusing and removing unexpressed feelings also. It helps us to focus on the positive side in life. Write “CHOCOLATE” in a paper and keep it under the pillow of both father and son.

Client Whenever possible, we chanted chocolate as a family. I also put it under the pillow of father and son. They are working together in Math and other things and taking care of each other.


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