Sub-conscious mind and Conscious Mind

Updated: May 2, 2020

The Sub-conscious Mind creates, while the conscious mind thinks otherwise. The mind is composed of various parts, where each and every part acts simultaneously. The lower mind or conscious mind is the store house of all our learning- acquired, as we had inherited it from our parents, ancestors and society we live in. It is part of the outer self which thinks that one is separate from others. It always looks outside, seeks outside and searches outside for gratification, without understanding that it is in the deeper inner self which manifests everything, every person, every event and every situation in our life.

The outer mind never believes the presence of subliminal mind, which is manifesting everything in our life. Conscious mind is the tool of the sub-conscious mind, both are parts of lower physical mind. The conscious mind believes that everything is created outside. It waits for other people to help. But, the truth is our subconscious mind creates, carries out (all actions) and is the doer. The outer conscious mind is only a tool in the hands of the subconscious mind. But the outer conscious mind believes that it is the doer. However, the doer is inside.

Switch words, or Mantras are the words directed towards the doer inside. They are accessing the deeper subconscious to do what is required. We need the consent of the Sub-conscious mind to make things happen. If the sub-conscious is not doing anything , no one outside can do anything for you .Pray and chant more till it is moved. Unless it decides or it is made to decide, nothing can manifest outside!!!

Touch your thumb with the ring finger on both the hands for few minutes. You will notice the irritation washing away in few minutes!

This tip is good for relaxation too.

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