Experience on Lotus App New module- PODCAST

Updated: May 24, 2020

I listened to PODCAST-2 of switch words in Naran Sir's Lotus App.

Here is a synopsis.

When I was listening to the podcast -2 of switch words, I was very happy to learn the many meanings of switch word- TOGETHER. How the switch word works. Why is it important that the mind should be in a calm state. What is energy cord. Switch Word - REVERSE - how does it reverse the situation.

Reverse change divine order elate- to always be happy. How can we change our views about money. To learn we have no right over money. How to change attitude about money. How to use the magic number along with SW -Together count. How does one work along with subconscious to receive money. To be in the state of gratitude and open the heart chakra. The real Wolf magic.

Anusha Ramesh

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