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STOP the MIND’s Influence on YOU Part I

A simple way to implement it Living with Awareness is an important subject. If you apply this technique, you do not need attend lectures on Bhagavat Gita. Living with awareness is a life process. If it is done regularly, it can change our lives significantly. Do it systematically. Play it like a game. Do not think it as an exercise. To put it simple, you release all thoughts and feelings prior to action.

Releasing thoughts associated with an action You get a phone call. We assume it is a bad call. We think and get irritated, why I should get such calls during late nights. Can you release this irritation? Affirm, “I let go this irritation”.

Our actions are contaminated with unwanted thoughts Whenever you are about to perform an action, it is preceded by thoughts. Release those thoughts. That’s does not mean you are prevented from doing the action. You just do the action. Then you are in the present – without any thought, and only doing actions. If some other thoughts come, tell them, “You can come later. This is not the time for you now.” If you do any action, without any thought or feeling, then its 100 percent completed.

You are entitled only to act You are not entitled to think or feel before an action. If you tell the thought to go, it will go. After the action, if the results are not to our expectations, we will comment badly about concerned people. We will remark, “I wasted so much time with them”. Affirm then, “I release the thought. I let go this thought.” When you put a counter thought like this, the mind gets confused as it cannot continuously change its thought flow or pattern. After releasing all the thoughts that appears in your mind, comes the time for your action(s).


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