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Stop Divorce Proceedings

SPYesterday, I was forced to put sign in draft. It should be submitted to the judge within 1pm. I called wolf deeply to help me somehow not to submit that draft to the judge for divorce procedure. Finally, it was not submitted. Wolf really helped me at that moment. But, my husband asked me to come another day for submission. My thought is to stop divorce and I want to regain his love and to live with him happily.


SP I feel very sad to say that divorce draft paper was submitted in court. Even, I chanted "END SHUT LIMIT WITH DIVINE LINK" and called wolf for help like mad. I want my husband back with full of love and affection. He is my world and everything. I love him a lot. Divorce process should get stopped with divine help.


ExplanationEND SHUT LIMIT LINK WITH DIVINE to subjugate the active ego and help one to accept willingly what happens as divine order. CALM BEAR DIVINE SIGHT: If one remains calm, forbearing what happens; divine help (sight) is there.


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