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Spirtually Elevating Mantras

  1. Repeated recitation of this mantra will destroy mental sufferings

  2. You can cross any (troubled) waters

  3. For fulfilment and accomplishment

  4. Takes care of your next lifetime Om Hreem Taha

  5. Mantra to curb violence anywhere

  6. A mantra for world peace Om Hreem Padhma Nande(y)shwara Hoom

  7. Liberates you from the unwanted karmic influences from past lifetimes

  8. Protects one from any accident

  9. To build enormous wealth or to amass wealth, one has to chant this mantra day and night Srinivasa Aravindhalochana

  10. To help one come out of legal entanglements or confinement Kadgam Saranam, Sangam Saranam, Saarngam Saranam

  11. To channelize anger or hurt Pasupadhim Mahaadevam

  12. To come out of temptation, craving, addictions, and infatuation Shivohum To take decision as per the divine will Vajreswari Vaamadevi Vayo Avastha Vivarjitha

  13. You will become compassionate and everybody will start loving you.

  14. Your physical heart becomes stronger.

  15. You will always be youthful.

  16. We will die naturally, at the same time not be bed ridden.

  17. To have balance in the body. Wung R Hong

  18. Improves portal circulation as well as Brain Circulation

  19. Because we are standing up all through the day, very little blood goes to brain. This is taken care by the sound R. This mantra activates the nervous system too.

  20. To align the frequency of the Astral body with our Physical body apply this mantra. Bring the hands together to Hara chakra without any physical effort while chanting it continuously. Your left hand should come first and then the right hand. The pronunciation rendering of Mantras is provided in the CDs. Contact Shobana - (98843 01634) or to buy CDs.


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