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Soul Level Plans Vs Human Level Experiences

Naran S Balakumar In the earth plane, everything is covered by darkness. It is called as Maya (Illusion) or distortion. But, in the higher plan, at the soul level, totally different things happen. Your soul plans your life at earth, which is another dimension to healing. We may continue to fight with somebody here (in the earth), as at the soul level we have decided to fight.

How does the soul evolve? As humans we evolve and as soul also we evolve. It is another subject that I don’t want to discuss now. At the soul level, or at the soul plane, every soul wants to experience unconditional love only and wants to give love only. At the earth level, nothing can be experienced directly. If you want to learn anything or understand anything, some opposite person with opposite character should be born. That’s the unwritten divine plan or divine law so that at any point of time, every human being should give love unconditionally. This is the basic rule. However, at the earth realm you cannot directly experience love with anybody. Only from the opposite person you have to experience the love. That’s why relationship is only about giving and not wanting.


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