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SOHAM Meditation

NaranSay ‘SO’ during inhale internally and ‘HAM’ for exhale. A mild or soft breath will do. Use only one speed while doing this rapid breathing, without holding the breath during inhale and exhale. After 45 minutes of rapid breathing, we don’t need to breathe at all. In that state of no breathing, we merge with the cosmic breath. Then the latter will take over our breathing and take care of it. Whenever we have a diarrhea or dysentery SOHAM breathing can do the necessary healing. Our pulse rate changes from 74 to 60. If the breathing is fast, then our focus will be on our breath, mind becomes quiet, and throws away toxins from our system. Instead of SOHAM (I am that), you may chant NAGAM (I am not) or KOHAM (who am I). It is better to use a CD that chants SOHAM as then it will be easier for us to maintain the speed of breathing.


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