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Showing Love to Inanimate Objects

Naran S Balakumar One thing is gratitude. Another thing is how much importance should be given even to an inanimate object. Suppose the ink in the ball-pen is over, we throw it off and take another pen. One day Kadsa, the Mother’s companion, showed a handkerchief to Mother, saying ‘It was too torn’ and threw it off, as we would have done. The Mother told her, “Hey! It served me so long and so nicely. And you are throwing it away”. Saying these words, the Mother jumped from her chair, picked up the handkerchief and kept it on her lap. Even to inanimate objects, that is the love we have to give. They are there to serve you. That doesn’t mean they don’t have consciousness. Every article in this universe – whether animate or inanimate has got divine consciousness. We only have to search for divine in everything. Are we to thank the human beings only? After thanking any person, thank the Divine, who have sent the person to you. Then only it becomes whole and complete.

Why we need to thank the divine A person might come and help you. Divine alone has sent that person to you. Remember the Hungarian story: Today you are meeting here me only because of the divine, which wants only certain people to attend this workshop.


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