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Self Defense for Women

DeeyaAlthough I live in Canada, I am very much in love with my motherland India.   In the last two months so much crime in the form of rape is happening in our society.  It is really painful to see that even 4-5 yrs old-young girl child are being the target of sick mentality animals with a body of human are in our society.   How to prevent such animals to commit these heinous crimes?  I know if we chant, pray or meditate together then any problem can be solved and we can save more girls to fall prey to this heinous crime.   Any words or meditation will be good to keep our kids, daughters and sisters from another mother safe in today's society.

NaranThe combination is: CENTAURY + MIMULUS + PINE + ROCK WATER + CHESTNUT BUD + ROCK ROSE + VINE + GUARD CENTAURY – mental will to resist MIMULUS – not to be bullied PINE – not to be a victim ROCK WATER + CHESTNUT BUD + VINE – for protection against getting beaten up or sexually harassed ROCK ROSE – to be helped instantly This combination is available as a picture card, with the pictures of the Bach Flowers Mentioned in the combination along with the switch word GUARD. Please contact the centre to buy the card.

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