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Seeking the Help of Animal Spirit Guides

Naran S Balakumar

Call them when you require help Animal spirits are there, to help us. They can be called for any kind of help. God is helping us through nature – Bach Flower Remedies and Animal Spirits for example. We label someone as a dog, when we wanted to abuse them, even though we don’t have intelligence of a dog. Animals are right brain beings and therefore they are much more intelligent than us.

They are your friends We are part of animals, flowers, minerals (gemstones) etc. Like calling upon Bach Flower remedies – in the form of chanting, we could use animal spirits too.

How and when to call them? Call them when there is a need. Each animal has some resource that we could use. For example, Call Wolf whenever you need help – let us say you need to get a seat in the bus.Examlple- to get hotel reservations, to get the appropriate rent, to get the reasonable price when selling the land and to get volunteers (for Wolf is a Volunteer). It’s raining and you need a taxi. You will find one stopping by your house. Whenever you think about Animal Spirit Guides, prostrate to them as they are divine beings. Only human beings are not divine as our mind rules us.

Please note:Picture of Animals like Rabbit, Wolf and other 36 animal spirit guides are available at the centre.  Buy them and use them to invoke their energy/resource, and fill yourself as well as your surroundings with that energy.


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