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Resentment is a seed don’t feed it

SavitriI am tired of looking after my daughter, who is giving birth to her third child. Currently they are staying in Mumbai. I am tired of travelling too, from Chennai to Mumbai as well as doing the baby-sitting stuff.

NaranTell me in which part of your life you have looked after somebody in the same way you are looking after your daughter now.  They may be your cousins or friends.

SavitriYou won’t believe it, if I tell you that I had done the same for my mother. I looked after her when she gave birth to my younger brother after nineteen long years (after my birth). My parents wanted to have a son. I resented it. I also didn’t like to take care of my mother’s pregnancy too.

NaranNo doubt your frustration continues. When we don’t heal ourselves regarding a life-situation then the same situation will happen in the future too and you will go through the same feelings and thoughts.

SavitriAre you saying that I will be helping my grand-daughter too, when she gets pregnant? No way. I don’t think I will be living until then.

NaranNot necessarily. You may go through the same experience in your next lifetime(s) also. Or you might get caught in a situation in this life-time itself that is similar to this situation. And you will end-up feeling the same. So, I would advise you to heal all your incidents related to pregnancy, including yours and some other incidents where you had felt in the same way as you are feeling now.

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