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Remove your uncertainty getting jobs

JayanthiDuring my visit to the centre a few months back I asked your advice for a job for my younger son and his wife. As per your advice I have been chanting '"ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”. There  is  some delay  in my  son  getting a  job  which  is of  great  concern to all of  us.  I sought your guidance in his success on Monday. Is there any chant that could remove this uncertainty and be successful in getting a job offer? Currently, he has now been interviewed in two companies. You asked me to Chant “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP COUNT DIVINE job NOW”. I  am pleased to  inform you  that  my  son has got a job  offer from  both the companies and  he has  chosen  one. He reported to work today.    I   had been chanting as per your guidance and am very grateful to you. Thanking you


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