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Remove your Mental/Physical Sufferings and Difficulties, and Heal cancer

Naran Chant “SREE RAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM” Let us see the meaning of the individual words in this mantra

  1. Sree means respect to the divine. RA is the sound, the creator of all sounds. RA is as powerful as 12 suns. We have only one sun. But the word has inside it the energy of 12 suns. It generates so much vibration. That’s why it’s an all- pervading and all-powerful mantra. Our ancestors described the figure of RA. They say it has countless faces and legs. The word has that effect.

  2. Repeated recitation of the word MA can even help you in your next life.

  3. Jaya Ram à JA destroys all mental and physical sufferings

  4. YA in Jaya and M make you accomplish anything. You can cross any difficulties in life.Benefits of Reciting this Mantra Any difficulties can be circumvented with this mantra. It can prevent the growth of cancer cells. This would be a sound treatment for cancer patients. Preparing Mantra Charged Water Chant this mantra by holding plastic bottle with water and give it to the patient. You go on chanting this mantra for more than 100 times. The water will absorb the power of mantra then. Water is the only medium that can receive, store and transmit the energy (of mantra) to others. Give the mantra charged water to tumour and cancer patients. How cancer appears At the cellular level, body contains multitudes of cells. The body goes on producing the cells. Some of the cells will die too. When the cells are produced, one of them could turn out to be a rogue cell. Immediately, a command will come from body, for the rogue cell to commit suicide. The rogue cell will commit suicide then. Sometimes, it doesn’t receive the command. Then it becomes cancerous. Even cellular scientist doesn’t know why certain rogue cells don’t receive the command to kill itself. Receiving Oxygen gives a Send-off to Cancer The cancerous cells die, when oxygen is in plenty. In the presence of oxygen, the cancer cells can’t thrive. What’s that one thing that stops a cell from receiving oxygen? When there is stress, the cells don’t receive oxygen. When there is a meeting, and you are not able to go in time, you will be under great tension. When we are worried, we are under stress and tension. When we get angry, we become stressed. If stress is there for more than 36 hrs, the cells will not absorb oxygen; even if oxygen is available the normal cells will become cancerous. Practice of Sree Ram Mantra does the trick There are ways to receive oxygen. Chanting the Sree Ram Jaya Ram Mantra is one way. You chant names of certain flowers or Gems, or do some Mudras then you will receive the oxygen too. The mantra is equivalent to 12 suns and therefore it works like a laser. I have given this mantra to quite a few. All of them are able to cope up with cancer and they have reported excellent improvement. Flying high in the sky again According to the legend, just chanting ‘Ram’ has regenerated the entire wings of the eagle Sambadhi. Here is the story on what happened to it (from the Epic Ramayana). Thousands of monkeys were trying to locate Sita, but they couldn’t find her. They decided that they should commit suicide as they have failed in their assignment. They were talking at the foot of a small hill. In the same hill, a giant eagle was living there whose wings were burnt. The name of the eagle is Sambadhi. Somehow it was managing by itself. Sambadhi told the monkeys, that Ravana had taken Sita to Lanka. Hearing this news, the monkeys became happy and started chanting in joy, “Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram”. Immediately, Sambadhi’s wings grew. That’s the power of this mantra. What does the mantra do? It produces oxygen to cells. It can kill unwanted cells as well as give life to existing cells.


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