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Remove unwanted elements from your business

And increase your shop sales too…

Case historyLakshmi sprayed her vegetable shop with remedied water using SPRAY pills got from the center. She also played the Abundance CD for 8 hours a day based on the instructions given to her by Naran S Balakumar. Within a week her business increased by 30%. She has one more shop, which was managed by a girl known to her for several years. Lakshmi had a suspicion that girl is misusing the shop funds. However, her son and her husband had a soft corner for the girl and so she couldn’t do anything about it. One fine day, the shop girl took 7000 rupees from the shop – which was equivalent to her monthly salary, without informing them and ran away. Lakshmi thinks strongly that the spray had done the trick as she doesn’t have to fire the girl, which mayn’t be approved by her husband.


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