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Reiki Positions

18 steps to our well-being There are 18 positions in our body, through which we can tap energy. It’s like you have lot of money and but do not spend it. Then the money is useless. The same way if you don’t tap the energy in you, it’s as good as being poor. It takes about 45 minutes to give Reiki to all positions. If you can’t get 45 minutes at a stretch, then split your session into three 15-minutes sessions – first session in the morning, second session during the day and then the last one before going to sleep. We may fall asleep while doing the third session though. It doesn’t matter. Reiki will remove all unwanted stuff from our lives by giving Reiki in these 18 positions. We don’t have to worry, which position removes which unwanted stuff. Just work in all these positions. Reiki will take care of the rest.

Chakras, the major channels of energy These 18 positions are governed by the seven chakras. Therefore by working on these positions you work on the chakras that channel the energy for us. Origin of disease happens because of lack of energy in chakras. Why we need seven chakras? Each of them has a role to play. Chakras decide where the energy has to go. Our physical body is surrounded by etheric body. It’s a projection of our physical body. When we touch the body, it influences the etheric body. Prana is inside both the bodies. With the help of ‘Kirlian Photography’ we can see the images of these energy channels. Even the chair we are sitting upon has an energy field. We are made of three bodies – physical, mental and etheric. We know how brain operates and where it is. But we don’t know where mind is. Though, the origin of Prana and mind is one and the same.

Love Your Body First next 21 days give Reiki to your body, for 45 minutes a day. Then do it for at least 30 minutes a day. If you can’t do it in one chunk, then split that into multiple sessions. Place the hands on the individual parts. Reiki healing is nothing but hands on the body. By placing the hands on the body, we are telling the body that we love it. In general, we don’t care for it though. Only when there is stomach upset, for example, we think about our stomach. Our hearts are working 24/7. Yet we don’t think about it either.


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