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Reflect the energy of love and sympathy

Updated: Feb 20

Sheela How to figure out whether a person requires the flower remedy Mimulus?

You mentioned that for all specific fears, one has to take Mimulus.

Please gives us some examples?

Naran Sri Balakumar A specific fear means that a person is afraid of something, somebody, or some situation. I will give you some typical Doctor Vs Patient related examples here:

  1. Doctor, I can bear the pain, but not the prick of a needle. Please don’t administer injection for me.”

  2. A patient requests the doctor not do surgery and instead give him medicines. After the doctor has examined him he may say, “Doctor, I hope there is nothing to worry.”

  3. A person may have a small boil in his hand. When he shows that to the doctor, he would ask him “I hope this may not be cancerous!” Mimulus helps people with specific fears like fear of a person, fear of crossing the road, fear of riding, fear of doctors, fear of crowds, and fear of animals – about dog, cockroach, lizard etc. Typical fears would be:

  4. I am afraid to go to a dentist.

  5. I avoid all types of diagnostic investigations.

  6. If I don’t recover, then there is every chance that I will lose my job.

  7. If I get news about someone’s death, I start feeling that my death is also near, and I fear that I may die soon.

  8. I don’t go by lift. Even if it is a six storey building I will climb. I am so afraid that the lift might get stuck due to power cut and I may be stranded forever inside the lift. When I talk about Mimulus it reminds me a poem of Rabindranath Tagore: Even well before you take birth in this world, the God has provided Milk in the breasts of the Mother. Why fear? When you have Mimulus in the pocket or when you chant Mimulus, your auric will be filled with its energy, and you will project as well as reflect the energy of love, compassion and sympathy.


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