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Real Happiness

Reduce your anger HREEM is a very powerful word. The Sei hey ki Reiki symbol has come from that. When you chant “OM HREEM TAHA”, your fever will come down by bringing the body temperature down. It will also bring the anger down. It can balance the Solar Plexus chakra too.

Internal change is easy By chanting OM HREEM NAMAHA our ignorance is removed. What is the energy behind the mantra? It is a combination of the three energy forms of the goddesses – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Saraswati – sheds our ignorance, meaning Knowledge. It brings in enlightenment, as well as gives us pure white and crystal clear knowledge. Durga removes our ego and pride which prevent us from shedding our ignorance and all the unwanted and unrequired energy inside us. Lakshmi: to make one a complete being – life and light. The mantra will open up to our real self. Real happiness can be found out. When you are travelling don’t chant as we are surrounded by all kinds of people and the mantra will be only cleaning the place and not you. So preferably chant it at home. Om Hreem Namaha is for internal change.


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