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Ramam Manoharam, Manoharam Ramam - Free Mantra Chanting

Naran S Balakumar Why should you feel the presence of Rama in your heart? Chant “RAMaM MANOHARAM, MANOHARAM RAMaM” Enjoy the beauty of Rama. When Hanuman went to see Sita (in Sri Lanka), how did she come to believe that he was sent by Rama as his messenger? Initially, she was doubtful about Hanuman. Finally, she came to believe that Hanuman indeed was sent by Rama. Hanuman approached her by taking one step forward. Immediately, she got frightened. She told him to stop, as asuras could take any form and due to which she has suffered mentally and physically a lot, by living there. Hanuman wondered how he can make her believe that he has been sent by Rama. So, he described the beauty of Rama from head to toe. He said that body is as per the Samudrika Lakshanam (the grammar of body). He described eyes, the distance between the neck and the shoulders and from head to toe. Finally, he concluded that Rama is an embodiment of beauty. Rama is beautiful. Beauty is Rama. When he uttered these final words, Sita came to firmly believe that Hanuman has been sent by Rama.

Difference between these Rama mantras What is the difference between this Rama mantra from the previous Rama Mantra? Here Ram is not Ram but Ramam. Ram is fierceful when he attacks his enemies, while Ramam will condescend as a mother. Mum is the word for mother. It appears twice inside the Ramam mantra. When you say Rama is handsome, beautiful and embodiment of beauty, it cleanses and purifies your heart center. Internal purification takes place. It removes the duct from the mind. When your mind gets totally purified, your heart glows. Those who are not married can chant this mantra. It is one mantra that does so many things. It is also the mantra to heal loneliness. “To conceive” is the keyword for this mantra. So this mantra is for both getting married as well as for getting conceived. When we say CONCEIVE is the keyword, then to get new ideas, to get divine help from various quarters, to create, to invent, and for creativity – especially for cinematographers, directors and actors, this mantra will help. Manoharam means nullify the mind – make it mindless. When you say this mantra, all the chakras turn upwards. That doesn’t happen with other mantras. It happens only for this mantra. The chakras get open to the divine. In Bija Mantras also, chakras gets cleared, purified, energized and balanced, while chakras turning upward happens only for this mantra. This shows you get evolved. Thus, it is a mantra for evolution. It helps you to disassociate from mundane surface mind.


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