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Protection for loved ones

One of my relatives happened to marry Ukranian. So can't leave family and country.

Frequently they are moving from one place to another for safety. As of now just imagining them under mother's white light protection. Can this mantra " Om Thamasay Namaha" be chanted by them?


Instead of imagining, Mother’s white light protection.

Make an intention "Mother, protect (name of the person) with your white light for 7 and half miles wherever they are. "

Chant as many times as possible.

ॐ तमसे नमः

This mantra removes fear and restores peace in your mind (as you are constantly worried and afraid about their safety).

They can also chant this mantra within as many times as possible.

After chanting this mantra, complete with an intention “Mother is protecting name of the person. I stop worrying about their safety.”

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