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Prescription of Bach Flower Remedies

NaranFLOWERSCHARACTERISTICS OF THE PERSONAGRIMONYPut on a smiling face in spite of the mental or physical torture that the patient is undergoingASPENPerspiration with fever, internal trembling with no cause, fear indoors but no fear outdoorsBEECHIntolerance; wanting exactness, order and discipline everywhereCENTAURYUnable to say ‘No’ to anybody, people pleaserCERATOImitate ways, expression and mannerism of those with whom they come in contact, constantly changing from one treatment to anotherCHERRY PLUMTemptation. unable to control, incontinence of urineCHESTNUT BUDEscapism; physically present but mentally absentCHICORYMaking big fuss even for trivial matters or ailments, greedy, stingy, demanding, temper tantrums, always needs a companyCLEMATISComa, fainting, dreamy, absent minded, lack of interest in everyday life, mentally in futureCRAB APPLEFeels unclean about oneself, want to clear infections, self-conscious about appearanceELMSuitable to Ministers, Teachers, DoctorsGENTIANDepression, upset even for a slight setbackGORSEIn any hopeless situationsHEATHERFast talkers, never-ending conversation with others about oneselfHOLLYFull of hatred, jealousy and suspicionsHONEY SUCKLEAlways talk about past events or of his younger daysHORNBEAMFor starting problem, mental fatigue, good for singersIMPATIENSFor all TYPE  ‘A’ personalitiesLARCHAdmires others success without envy, but lack of confidence to do the same, even though they have the capacityMIMULUSStage frightMUSTARDSudden depression, while living well for no reasonOAKLiving always in hope, in spite of repeated failuresOLIVEPhysical exhaustion on slightest exertionRED CHESTNUTFearing that some calamity may happen to their dear onesROCK ROSETerror and Panic situationsROCK WATERInflexible and adamantSCLERANTHUSSwinging temperature, delayed memory, postponing tendenciesSTAR OF BETHLEHEMAfter effect of mental or physical shockSWEET  CHESTNUTAs if, life has ended; for those who feel, they cannot endure anymore; for desperate situationsVERVAINMentally hyperactive, strain and tensionVINEPeople who believe in violenceWALNUTChange of life such as teething, puberty, menopause, change in religion, break the old ties and habits – either acquired or hereditaryWATER VIOLETPrefers solitude, persons with superiority complexWHITE CHESTNUTTalking to oneself, same thought or scene is repeating in the mindWILD OATDabbling in too many things; a feeling of being in the cross roads, unable to know the direction of lifeWILD ROSESurrenders to struggles of life without complainingWILLOWBlames others or God for his failures, resent other's success


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