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Police Case is Withdrawn Surprisingly

Kali The complex where I live has 2 apartments. My neighbor is a white girl. After work, my boyfriend came home and started drinking beer. He was having a conversation with that white lady. She was also drunk. Then they hugged and kissed. She asked him to stop and go to his apartment. He did as she said. After a while she called a cop and filed a case against him. I did request her but she didn’t listen to me. I am really worried. He is a very brilliant student. This will ruin his whole life. I am really worried.  He has never done anything like that before and had been good boyfriend of mine. Is there any mantra or something I can do so that make that lady takes case back or solve this problem without affecting his career?


Kali (after two weeks) Hello Naran! Thank you so much. It worked. Girl came to us and she said “Everything is ok between us. I took the case back”. I was so surprise to hear that. I want to thank you for that.


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