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Planning to resign

Case History Tom was feeling frustrated that he was not allocated any (software) projects. He was in IT industry. He knew that if he was to be like this for some more time, he would be fired from the company. His typical feeling in the evening would be to leave the company. Though in the morning, while going to the office, he would have high hopes and think “why not I wait for some more time”. To handle this type of oscillation, (one thought in the morning and the opposite thought in the evening – mood swing) Naran S. Balakumar suggested him to take SCLERANTHUS. He was taking the pills for a few days. One fine day, he decided to inform his boss that he was planning to put in his papers. He reached office just to realize his boss was on leave for a couple of days. Therefore, Tom decided to wait, and to talk to his boss in person. On Monday his boss arrived. He informed Tom that the project they were waiting for so long has been approved and was signed off by the customer. In addition, the client has agreed for Tom to manage the project too. Scleranthus has saved his job, Tom claims these days.


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