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Pink is for getting a job, not losing one

Mrs. AR, March 5I am in a great problem. From 1999 my husband's job is not permanent, one way or the other he has to quit his job. Now my financial position is very tight since there was no salary for the past four months and he is searching for the job. Kindly suggest me a remedy to get a job and for my financial position.

Naran Chant “ELM, MUSTARD, PINK TOURMALINE, COUNT NOW” as many times as possible, and whenever you can.

Mrs. AR, March 20Namaste! My husband got a good job according to your guidance. Explanation  The gem remedy Pink tourmaline is definitely for abundance. Pink Tourmaline stabilizes the Mooladhara Chakra – the Chakra that gives us stability in our life Elm and Mustard are Bach Flower Remedies, used as switch words here. To handle the overwhelming situation: Elm Finding to solution to the money problems (they are in the dark): Mustard To find money now: Count, Now


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