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Pain Healers

Discussed during the workshop held on April 20th 2013

Naran Pain splitting in the head – unable to move, because moving causes severe pain: Mustard, Beech and Hornbeam Any slight movement causes pain: Beech I am not able to move my legs: Mimulus On movement, pain is reduced: Hornbeam Pain comes, after finishing all my work – pain at rest: Oak Breaking pain: Walnut and Agrimony Continuous pain: White Chestnut and Agrimony Pain while working: Willow Unbearable pain: Cherry Plum Pain in Cancer patients: Agrimony and Rescue Remedy While sitting on the ground there is pain and there is none while sitting on the chair: Rock Water Nagging pain, as though needles are pricking:  Agrimony and Pine Knee pain: Rock Water, Walnut and Hornbeam Lower back pain but not extending to thighs: Blue Sapphire and Nine Gems Varicose veins: CARDORIUM plus herbal remedy Heel pain: check the urine flow, whether there is retention of urine, kidney issues Frozen shoulders – left shoulder: Centaury, Willow, Agrimony and Cherry Plum. Along with pain, all other related symptoms to be taken care off. Right Shoulders: Centaury, Pine, Elm and Holly. Centaury person will always exhibit Willow or Holly. Left – resentment inside; anger expressed outside – right. Arm: postponing some work Traveling train, pain after going to the new place: Walnut Fingers: Do stretching exercise – extend the fingers and close them Index finger pain: constipation Muscle cramps: Scleranthus and mag.phos 6x Joints: Rock Water, Walnut, Hornbeam is the base remedy. Based on other symptoms add other remedies Don’t go by the names of the problems (diseases) see the symptoms Numbness: Wild Rose because of sugar, circulation is less (for the student who asked the question) Menses: White Chestnut, Walnut and Rescue Remedy Dark skin: Mustard and Crap Apple Sun burn: Water Violet, Walnut and Crap Apple


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