• Brilla Elsol

Overcome eating, drinking, smoking addiction (New switchwords)

Student 1: In lockdown, I keep eating throughout the day. No hunger, still I keep eating. It has become a compulsive eating habit. How to overcome it?

Student 2 : I started smoking for relaxation. Now, it is become a habit and I turned into a chain smoker. How to stop smoking?

Student 3: My husband is an alcoholic. Initially he used to drink in office parties occasionally for socializing. But these days he keeps drinking daily and he does not even care about me, his children or house needs. How to make him come out of this addiction?

Naran Sir:

Chant Spider Cut Open Clear Divine Light.

This is a new switchword for addiction.

Spider gives self wisdom to the one to come out of the addiction.

This chanting shall heal compulsive eating habit, smoking; drinking addiction as well.

This can be chanted by others also.

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