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Our future is not determined

NaranLet me give an example to make you understand that our future is not determined In a typical office there is a conflict and arguments between office manager and the staff. A staff member will have two options. Either he can straightaway throw his job by getting angry and argumentative. Many a time we succumb to our emotions and they guide your actions. We all know that. If you are able to be only like this, then the result is determined as what we expect to happen. Or you can do the following, based on NLP: Step One: Identify the emotion. Let us say, we get angry.  It’s ok. If we say then, “This is my anger”, it will be automatically gets reduced. This is one way of handling your emotions. Step Two: Create the outcome you want. Now ask the question, “What do I want from this situation”. Analyze, “What’s my present state”.  Then ask the question, “What do I want” or “What is the desired outcome I want here”. Now we are forming a strategy here. For example, if the strategy to create a situation is formed by the staff member then he won’t resign.

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