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Our ancestors are alive, influencing us

Go back, to the Past If we have to go to the past, then what is the past? Who are we? Do we really die? Nobody dies. What about my father who died? He is still alive. Even people who died thousand years back, they are still alive. Science says that.

Where they are alive? There are two worlds existing simultaneously. One is the physical world and another is the energy world. Physically a person may die, but energy wise they don’t die. How they are alive? They are alive as a person with all incomplete emotions, thoughts, beliefs and aspirations. Everything is incomplete and influencing the progeny. Our ancestors are still influencing us in the energy world. Physically we don’t feel that, but energy wise, they are constantly influencing us.

What does that mean? How this energy is transformed into physical body and mind? You may ask. Every time, something happens between the physical world and the energy field, we keep them as memories inside our brain. The brain knows how to keep it, has tools to remember it and to act from the past – the memory, influenced by the people who are dead. It means we are not “we” as such. We are our parents. We are our ancestors. If we are reacting in a particular way, then your mother (or father) also would have reacted in the same way. So what we are going to do is, analyze the present problem, go back in your own life and go back to your mother’s life (or father’s life or both), and make them whole and complete, for they remain incomplete. Unless, they are complete (past), we can’t be complete (future) either.


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