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Opening Chakras through Mantras

NaranMantras outwardly look ordinary. However, they can do lots of things. It can lead us to live our lives better. They activate the energy centers/chakras as well. Chant the mantras below to activate, normalize and balance the chakras: Om Lum Namaha – Basic Chakra Om Vum Namaha – Hara Chakra Om Rum Namaha – Solar Plexus Chakra Om Yum Namaha – Heart Chakra Om Hum Namaha – Throat Chakra When other chakras open, the third eye will automatically open up.


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Activate Your Inner View

Naran S Balakumar To reach a higher level, be in the Chinmaya Mudra and chant “AM, AAM”. AM activates the crown chakra, while AAM activates the third-eye.  This is to have a better understanding in a

How to cleanse your auric field

Naran S Balakumar Do the Linga Mudra and chant, “NAMA SHIVAYA SHIVAYA NAMA SHIVAYA SIVA” This will cleanse your auric bodies and chakras. It also increases the power of resistance. Related PostsP


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