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Office Remedies Part II

NaranGain Respect in the Office: WILLOW and WATER VIOLET. Male domination: women resenting it are in WILLOW state. When the resentment vanishes, the domination will vanish too. LARCH AND MIMULUS are twins. MIMULUS is about a third person/entity – for somebody LARCH is about oneself – no confidence in oneself Won’t be able to complete – too much to do, a feeling of inadequacy: ELM First Day in Office: WALNUT – will help us to adjust with the new place and people, WATER VIOLET will get us friends and get the required assistance to get settled down. Effortless Completion of a Task: WALNUT, OAK and HORNBEAM Verify some document: BEECH I am stuck with this management. The management is wrong by all means. I am stuck with this person even though I don’t like him: WILLOW, BEECH and WALNUT. Friendly with my own group: I will talk only with people from my region - WATER VIOLET. On the contrary, if one says people from a particular region/group/country are bad then it is WALNUT. BEECH and WALNUT will help us to build a rapport among colleagues. Sacking an associate: I have to fire somebody for some valid reasons. I am in CENTAURY state if I don’t want to hurt them. I am in PINE state, if I feel guilty after firing him. My inquisitive associate: My associate will dig lots of information from us. He will ask numerous questions. But will not answer to any of our questions: HOLLY, WILLOW. Not to be disturbed by the colleague: WILLOW, AGRIMONY, CRAB APPLE (to get rid of)

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