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Office Remedies Part I

NaranConvincing about a useless product I am asked to market a useless product. I don’t know how to convince the customers: GENTIAN (for being discouraged) and WILLOW (for resentment) Add LARCH to develop confidence in you to sell To convince others – especially in selling, VERVAIN Implement a process change WALNUT, OAK (he goes in the same path, and so doesn’t look for alternatives) and HORNBEAM Asking for leave Asking for leave at the last moment, keep postponing it – because initially “my Boss will say no” MIMULUS to face the boss WALNUT for rapport with the boss CENTAURY to speak your cause assertively WILLOW: To avoid blaming the boss No empowerment My boss will put me in a critical situation giving an impression that why not I do the job myself. If I do it independently though, she would get upset because I have done the job without consulting her. WILLOW (blaming) and SCLERANTHUS (for fear of getting confusing instructions) Getting shouted at In front of everybody my boss shouts – “I didn’t make any mistake why should I be blamed.” WILLOW (resentment) and add PINE (for being blamed) and LARCH (losing confidence) CRAB APPLE (what others will think about me) Not satisfied with her own performance Even though she has got a very good rating, she is not happy about the job she has done. Pine for being not satisfied with one’s own work Develop Creativity Multimedia: ELM, CLEMATIS Public Meeting ELM, GORSE and HEATHER is for public presentation Managing an incompetent person I have to manage somebody who is not good. He is related to one of the directors. WILLOW for resentment BEECH for criticising CENTAURY: because of inability to voice one’s opinion


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