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No words to describe my joy

Radhika I thank flower remedies AGRIMONY, WILLOW, HEATHER, SWEET CHESTNUT, and HOLLY. There are no words to describe, only Ananda Kaneer (tears of joy in Tamil), which happened yesterday.  Miracle! As per your instructions, I wrote all the negative points (I think) about me and my husband at the left hand side of the paper and the positive affirmations on the right hand side in an A4 size sheet. I started giving Reiki to the paper and kept the paper at the backside of my father’s photograph on 12/5/12 night. Before writing the same, I wholeheartedly called up my sister-in-laws who are staying in Mysore and asked for forgiveness and talked to them ordinarily. The same night, my sister Vanaja who had come to Chennai from Bangalore for one week with my mom called up. I did not receive it as I went to sleep. Yesterday morning on 13.5.12 at 6.00 am morning again they called up but willingly I didn’t pick because I was afraid that they may scold me. Yesterday, evening my Brother-in-law sent me a SMS message stating that mom wants to perform the ceremony at my place. Then I called up my mother and talked to her.  My husband also agreed to invite some close relatives of my father. We are very happy and I started crying in front of my father’s photo. My husband said whenever we think to do some good deed with interest and Shraddai (effort) then it happens. Money will not be a criterion.  I agreed to whatever he said.  We went together to fix the priest and the cook to make the necessary arrangements. Naran! I am proud to be your student.  I still want to be your student.  All these years I had been attending your classes and doing Reiki. I find a lot of changes in me and around. I had learnt a lesson that I should not hurt anybody. The moment I shed my adamancy, good things started happening.  Forgiving is great action which is the powerful punishment I had learnt. I am nothing and I am nothing, divine grace is there, and only thing is that we should allow the divine grace to flow. My husband started believing my Reiki practice since yesterday.  I realize my husband’s good heart. God has given me good shelter, food and clothing and good family why I should go somewhere to perform my father’s ceremony? Once again I bow to the above flowers and thanks to you, my guru. Love thanks divine!!!


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