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Need for a Multi-Dimensional Healing Approach

Naran S Balakumar Lot of healing techniques like Reiki, creative visualizations, tapping techniques (EFT), Bach flower remediesare talked about by many. Yet, each one of them has got their own limitations. How to integrate all the healings into one, so that simultaneous healing of physical body, pranic body and mental body can take place?

Affirmation doesn’t work all the time There are only 20 affirmations to cover from head to foot and these affirmations will cover all the diseases. Our life is full of fear, anger and guilt, which can be handled by these affirmations indirectly. Sometimes affirmations do not work. If only by affirmation everyone can be happy and healthy, then we do not need any other healing process. The affirmations work only on the mental body.However, if the mental body is already full of unwanted things then you will have (internal) resistance and therefore, affirmations cannot succeed. In addition, we will say the affirmations just for 2 or 3 days and then leave them by saying that it is not working. It means the garbage is more in our mental body.

Impact of healing techniques on us Affirmations and mantras work only on the mental body. Creative visualization, light healing, divine healing etc works mostly on the emotional body and partly on the Etheric body. The traditional Reiki symbols 1, 2 and 3 work mostly on the mental body. Karuna Reiki symbols work on the emotional body. Color works on the emotional body. Etheric body is otherwise called as Pranic body. Congestions in Etheric body can be removed by breathing techniques i.e. by Pranayama. Flower remedies work 90% on mental body and 10% on emotional body. If disease sets in the physical body then one has to take some medicinesin the forms of allopathic, Siddha etc. Homeopathy does not work in the physical body. Since there are so many healing methods and even then there may be a failure, we have to analyze as to why there is a failure.

Tapping (EFT) also has its own limitations Tapping is the only thing which works effectively both on the mental and the emotional bodies. However, there is a limitation for tapping. The progress depends on how aware we are. After doing continuous tapping we may feel that nothing has happened because we are not aware about what is its impact inside our mind. Tapping is one way of meditation by going deeper and deeper into the mind. Since we are all shallow, we do not understand what happens inside and hence there is limitation in tapping. Because in each of the techniques, the healing takes place in different spheres of the body, there is a need for all the healing methods (one time or other).


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