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Naran SRI'S Power Symbols with Switch Words Workshop Facilitator : Uma

Facilitator: Uma


Date : 16th September 2023

Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm

For registration: Send WhatsApp message to Uma : +81-70-4448-0979

EE: Rs.3000/-

Repeater: Rs.2000/-

Venue: Zoom

(Manual and symbols pdf will be provided ONLY for new learners. )

Easy, simple healing method to handle various life situations.

136 Power symbols with Switch words

Some of the topics include

# Children, their studies, make them stay in moral path, their protection etc

# Relationships, family harmony

# Dealing with Property Disputes, resolving amicably

# Overcome Debts

# Money, Prosperity

# Protecting oneself from energy contamination

# To make children understand any subject quickly

# To learn new things

# To strengthen family bonding

# To get appreciation for your work

# To make children behave laudably

#To bounce back from failure

# To manage professional and personal life efficiently

# To regain lost happiness

# To curtail unnecessary expenses

# To balance income and expenses

# To restore the broken relationship

# To overcome loneliness

# To reduce anger

# To protect from energy contamination

# To come out of Debts

And many more topics


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