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My partner is not happy

Naran You and your associates are able to feel happy, while your partner sees otherwise means that his mind is distorting the fact. He is both DELETING the fact that you are doing well in business and at the same time, he is not seeing the reality – called as DISTORTION in NLP. How to make him understand the reality? Ask him to affirm: “I release the part, which ignores the fact that we are doing well in business”. “I activate the part that understands we are doing well in business”. Question: I doubt he will do the affirmation. Can I do the chanting for him?

Naran Affirm: “I release the part in me that activates his unhappiness about our growth in business”. “I am OPEN and ALIGN with the part that makes him feel happy about our business growth”. To know why you are the creator of his behavior, you need to understand what Shadow Self is and how it operates on us.


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