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My boss is bent on sending me out

Naran What is your current feeling?

Patient I am feeling insecure.


  1. List out all the instances – especially during your entire career, where you have felt insecure

  2. List where you were not in good terms with your bosses and supervisors

  3. List out all the instances where you had been fired before

  4. List out the instances where your parents – if both of them were working, were out of job, even if temporarily

Patient I had been fired three times before. So, I guess, I am afraid it might happen again. In the case of my father, he was a business person and he had never worked for anybody all his life. However, I had heard from my father that my grand-father was struggling to be in a permanent jobthroughout his life. That’s the reason for my father working for himself.

Naran One of the biggest advantages of Reiki Past Healing is you can bring the positives from the past. By bringing in your father’s successes, you are enhancing your success. On the other hand, by bringing in your grand-father’s failures’, you are nullifying yours. That is the advantage of using Reiki. It increases your positives and nullifies your negatives. So your updated list will be:

  1. All your previous jobs

  2. In addition, list out the experiences with all your bosses.

  3. All your grand-father’s job experiences – based on what you have heard from your father

  4. Your father’s positive experiences in terms of handling others including clients and associates

  5. Put all them – in the form of memories, inside the Silver Triangle.

  6. Do the general healing steps as mentioned in the manual.

Patient I never realized that I would have taken my grand-father’s unfulfilled failures into my life. I also used to feel ashamed that I am not as smart as my father. Now, thanks to your Reiki past healing techniques, I am confident I can become as smart as my father.

Naran May be you will do better than him J Good Luck!!!


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