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Mudra for Savings VS Spending

Naran S Balakumar

Optimist/ Vyanan/ Movement Mudra Thumb touching the tips of index and middle fingers on both the hands. To move forward, to come out of repetitive thinking or stagnation; if there is regression or delay or a block, this can help. This is the mudra to become optimist; to come out of any dejection, sadness or set back. This activates, regulates movements, strengthens the nervous system; enhances circulation. A new way is seen. That means eye sight is improved. It helps in the numbness of feet or cold hands. The Movement Mudra produces Vyanan also, which does the distribution of prana. The Message of Vyanan is “do not save”. If one mind says, “Don't save” then there should be another aspect of the mind which says, “Save”.

Why Pran Mudra for Savings So if you want to save money you must be in the Pran Mudra. Why the last two fingers (ring and little fingers) for saving money? When we have so much bank balance, your mind is relaxed. It is full of joy. The Pran Mudra relaxes one. That means when you produce a state of relaxation, you can save. When the event of savings can produce happiness, a state of happiness can also produce savings. Thus Pran Mudra does both.


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