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Move on to a better position in life

NaranTo CHANGE one has to MOVE. MOVE BACK, MOVE AWAY: not to do a shameful act, move away from it: Walnut is the remedy. MOVE-IN means to Enter – for example, to enter into an agreement. When an agreement is signed, chant “WALNUT and WALNUT” Nobody will break the agreement. They will adhere to the policy of a gentlemen’s agreement. When somebody makes a commitment to you, think about Walnut and he will not move away or depart from the commitment. To make progress – to MOVE UP: WALNUT We have to consider the opposite meaning of a particular expression to find the negative mental state and then to figure out the deeper action spheres of the Flower Remedies. The opposite meaning of the word Enter is Depart or Remove: fear of removal from service, there will be no dismissal if you take WALNUT.  Walnut will eliminate fear of removal. So you will feel safe and secure. To prevent amputation, give WALNUT. It will be prevented. The doctors had advised to remove Sajeevanam’s mother’s leg, as she was suffering from acute diabetes. She took Walnut for two days. The doctors felt may be they will wait for some more time, before they consider amputation again. Amputation also means Disconnection. Walnut prevents disconnection. If a wife doesn’t want to divorce, with help of WALNUT she can achieve her objective. If you feel that you are not connected to the family and say, “I don’t belong here. I am out of place,” thanks to WALNUT it will happen. You will make the necessary adjustments and changes required for the new place. This is required for a newly married girl.

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