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Miraculous results after delivering a pre-mature baby

ClientI underwent C-section surgery and delivered a baby girl on August 9th, after 35 weeks of pregnancy. I and my baby were set apart in ICU and Naran gave us to chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, THANKS DIVINE ORDER” I chanted with faith which gave me miraculous result within two days.  After chanting this mantra, we were discharged very soon.  Currently, I am adding WALNUT and CHESTNUT BUD combination in water used for cleaning my baby. For pre-term baby's growth as she is currently weighing only 2 kg, there is a need to gain weight as well. I also need to overcome the effects of C-section surgery and increase milk supply as well.  So, I tried chanting "OM VUM NAMAHA, OM LUM NAMAHA" mantra. It gave me good results.


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