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Mental State and Switch Words

QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX Sadness or disappointment  unexpressed AGRIMONY  CRYSTAL HORSE OPEN POSTPONEFeeling trapped in a situationBE OPEN SHOW WINGS Unable to resist a dominating person CRYSTAL HORSE TOGETHER CLEAR PAINT DIVINE LOVE Feels life is a burden  TOGETHER CHANGE ADJUSTUnable to release constant pressure tension on head QUIET MIND HO SLOW CARE.Unable to be in the place because of being dominated. “I want to run away from this place”.  Looking for trouble. No control. REVERSE RESTORE OPEN SHUT.[ Take control and stop looking for trouble]When one is constantly discouraged or criticized BE TINY TOGETHER UP ELATE LIGHT NOWOne is always opposed  CRYSTAL TOGETHER BE TINY OIL PAINT DIVINE LOVEOVER WORK TOGETHER CHANGE ADJUST FIND DIVINEBeing controlled by CENTAURY WOMB HOLLY PINE BE LOVELife is not as per my wish, What I want is not happening,  Sometime back everything went on well GENTIAN RESCIND REVERSE RESTORE JUDGE WITH LOVESelf hatredCRAB APPLE, PINE, CRYSTAL PEARL WOMB LOVEHighly possessivePOSTPONE TOGETHER FORGIVE ADJUST THANKS OIL CHANGE WITH LOVENo joy TOGETHER DIVINE LIGHT  BE UP ONCriticizing, fault finding and passing sarcastic remarks with tolerance.  When one feels ‘blocked’ or ‘delayed’ ALIGN LEARN JUDGE TOGETHER CRYSTAL CLEAR LIGHT When one wants order outside, perfectionism, expecting every other person or situation to be perfectREVERSE FORGIVE MAGNAMINITY BE WOMB Pessimistic attitude, unable to see good in anything. Not accepting the Divine orderRESTORE LIGHT SAGE CHANGE POINT Unresolved conflict, unforgiving attitude, resentment against parents. I cannot forgive him till my death. I will not see him as long as I am alive. I don’t want his relationship at all. From now onwards, my relationship is broken with him.TOGETHER CHANGE REVERSE RESTORE MAGNAMINITY – FORGIVE THANKS DIVINE Self blaming   WINGS REJOICE PRAISEHostilityCONCEDE CLEAR FORGIVEFriction CONCEDE TOGETHERDepression COVER UP ELATE OVER ENDRigidity CLEAR OPEN MOVE ONInflexibility  BAMBOO ADJUST MOVE ONThere is no flexibility in one’s opinions; one may have strong opinions about either self or othersLEARN ROCKWATER – PINE – WILLOW Opinions of hostility unexpressed LEARN CONCEDE CLEAR FORGIVEOne is not mixing with the other members of society LEARN TOGETHER CIRCULATE PAINT WITH LOVEOne is unwilling to express anger because it might escalate argument and conflictLEARN AGRIMONY CLEAR OPENUncompromising on certain principles being a thorn in the flesh of others. Some parents who strongly or vehemently oppose son’s love marriage are found to have tendonitis in the right ankle. It is not suggested here that one should not oppose or have any say in their children’s marriage. People who have cartilage damage should try to change their inflexible attitude towards self and othersADJUST ACT PHASE WITH SHUT BAMBOO OPEN LEARNBeing dependent on others CHICORY BLUFF BE COVER CRYSTAL HORSE BEFeeling  dominatedRESTORE REVERSE LIMIT FORGIVEUnable to protestFORGIVE RESTORE OPEN LOVEDissatisfied with self CRYSTAL BE HORSE DIVINE WOMBDissatisfaction in life. Anger and resentment may distort one’s belief and he feels unprotected; there is n space for further growth – In other words, when one feels that “he can’t earn more” as he desires or “there is no future”. Mentally one loses confidence, feels aged; “ I am no more wanted, required,” People seeking VRS are doing with belief that they can’t serve any more in the organization. Neediness, loneliness, emptiness because of anger and resentment.  Anger and resentment leading to worry and over concern. CHICORY CHANGE CLEAR CRYSTAL POINT A state of sadness or depression causing anger and resentment CRYSTAL CLEAR CONFESS TOGETHER PAINT LOVE Desire to control / change affects one’s state of happiness (fluidity) and all his thoughts harden to affect the large intestine. Letting go is very difficult. ACT ADJUST CONCEDE CLEAR HO OPEN RESTORE “I cannot forgive and forget this incident/ person.  Being a friend, he cheated me. “ “How can he do this to me ? “ “ I can never change my opinion.” Instead of forgetting the person/incident, he will constantly think about that, increasing the heat in the body. “ I am not respected, I am ignored, I feel hurt and wounded.” Crying for help. These thoughts circulate and person is not ready to change these thoughts by letting go. These thoughts make him so sad, pessimistic and a  victim that he will forget the cause of his sadness and constipation. “Letting go” is very important, forgiveness and thanks help one to let go easily. ACT ADJUST CONCEDE CLEAR HO OPEN RESTORE Desire for Approval Imbalance in giving and receiving. E.g.  “There is no appreciation / recognition to what I do”, “ There is no increment”, How will I change him / her / situation to get appreciated / recognized. This may happen in the home front or work place.. These thoughts will produce fear also because of increased insecurity.ACT ADJUST CONCEDE CLEAR HO OPEN RESTORE Sorrow and disappointment in life caused by judgment, anger, lack of forgiveness, and gratitude. Expecting gratitude. It could have been different, regret, being controlled. LEARN (to) SHUT UP CLEAR LIMITPettinessBE OPEN WITH MAGNANIMITYUnexpressed anger TOGETHER  CONFESS CLEAR CONCEDE CHANGE LOVE Resistance to others around ADJUST CHANGE TOGETHER DIVINE LOVEPast anger burning FORGIVE BE OPEN LOVECommunication becomes the main problem; “He does not understand what I say”, “ I don’t know how to satisfy him . This lack of communication increases the anger and resentment and person in a loop of anger and instability. Feeling insecure TOGETHER ACT CONFESS BE WOMB ACT BE WOMB REJOICEStressful state of mind REJOICE OPEN LIGHTFriction to be balanced CONCEDE CLEAR REVERSE ADJUST WITH LOVEDeep hurt, surfacing again and again POST PONE CHANGE REVERSE RESTORE WITH DIVINE FORGIVEFeels insecure emotionally CRYSTAL GORSE HORSE WOMB BE LIGHT Lack of forgiveness and gratitude or not enough. Angry that one is overlooked Angry that one is ignored, Angry that one is not given due respect Angry that one is slighted and criticized. CRYSTAL CLEAR LIGHT MAGNAMITY.  Bored and lethargic BE BUBBLE UP GO MOVENot enjoying the present, dislikes present situation. Unable to fix. Apathy in job or relationship. TOGETHER ADJUST CHANGE NOWFeeling ignored and emotionally attackedADJUST BE TOGETHER WITH LOVE CHANGE, I ALIGN MYSELF TO SOURCE OF LOVE.Back pain , not supportedCRYSTAL CLEAR CHANGE REACH HELP TOGETHER GIVE WITH LOVEAll my efforts are in vain (failed), END RESTORE ADJUST CHANGE BE OPEN HORSE Sadness TOGETHER CHANGE WINGS MOVE ON WITH LOVESomeone dislikes meCOPYAll attempts are failingCRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP POINT NOW DONEAll attempts are failing for moneyCRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP POINT COUNT NOW DONEWhen one does not study, loiteringTOGETHER CRYSTAL CLEAR POINT SLOW CARE LEARNMarriageCRYSTAL GORSE CLEAR TOGETHER REACH MARRIAGE POINT NOT DONEDrifting husband worryCRYSTAL GORSE CLEAR CONFESS TOGETHER REACH POINT NOT DONEFor pregnancyTOGETHER ACT END OPEN BRING COPY DIVINE CHILD NOWSafe and normal deliveryTOGETHER DIVINE, SYMBOL 126Not sure of which direction to goWILDOAT CRYSTAL CLEAR TOGETHER POINT NOWHarmony in familyBOW CONCEDE CLEAR CONFESS RESTORE REVERSE TOGETHER DIVINE BE TINY BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE“I want to restrict,” “I want to protect, “I want to stop this now, end this now”, “someone is in bad company, I want to protect” , “There is no harmony, I want to save this person”TOGETHER CUT CLEAR END INK NOW

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