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Meditation from Naran Sir for 15 April 2020

Updated: May 23, 2022

I Don’t Know.

Slowly we start understanding we hardly know anything all these days. Now we all know that we don’t know anything. Whatever you have assumed, “I know about life”, now you will say that “I don’t know, I don’t know anything, I know nothing”.

Have you fully understood this life?

No, even partially you don’t know. Anybody for that matter.

If someone ask you, what is essential for this life?

Without a second thought a list is prepared.

You list out 100s of things.

To earn money

To get promoted

To go to foreign country

Buy house

To be successful.


To get married

Upbringing the children etc.

The list is endless.

But what is truly important for life, that you don’t know, I don’t know, we don’t know. Whatever you are doing all along is truly not important in life. All these days, we have missed out doing what is essential for this life.

Always you think, “I know” or “I know but you don’t know”, but slowly in these 10days, you would have started to understand that TO LIVE, LIFE ONLY IS NEEDED. If only you are alive, you can do all things you plan.

To save this life, (to be alive), we are all staying at home. Whatever you considered important is no more important at this point of time. This lesson is taught by a Virus, Your life is more important than what all you consider as important in your life.

How to protect this life?

The only mantra that can give protection is RAMA. In last live session, I asked you to count no.of times RAMA name repeated in the pattabhisheka story is for this reason only.

This mantra will save our lives.

When you chant “RAMA”, it saves your life and also the entire world. You are saved in this birth and all your future births also.

This Mantra will follow us in all our births. If we chant in this birth.

What is the specialty of this mantra?

This mantra gives you the Supreme knowledge beyond which nothing can be known, nothing needs to be known.

Supreme knowledge is given by RAMA mantra.

Look at the Rama Pattabhisheka picture daily and count each person’s head in the picture as Rama 1, Rama 2, Rama 3.

This chanting will save you, protect you and also the entire world.


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