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Many faces of Healing

Updated: Jun 30

Best Healing Field

AK Dhir You have mastered so many fields like Reiki, AcuReiki, Bach flower etc. Which of the field is best in your opinion? Naran All are best! -----------------------------------

Role of Karma

Neha Do switch words always work or karma also plays a role? Naran Everything has a role. ----------------------------------------

Violet Flame

FTRRS In one of your blog posts, you have written, “Chant ‘Bangladesh is a country of violet fire. It is the purity of god’s desire’. Visualize a spring of violet flame engulfing the country and chant this Violet flame mantra as many times as possible.Thank the violet flame before and after chanting”. Likewise, if we want to do the same procedure statement for family, where everything is lacking – good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, love, harmony. How to affirm? Naran “My home is a home of violet fire; it is the purity of God’s desire”. You can also say once before chanting, “Violet flame! I thank you for transmuting every unwanted energy into light and love”. ------------------------------------------------

You have to co-exist

Hemil Gandhi I am seeing snakes several times only once dead and it is unusual in my area. Anything you can say about it? Naran Chant ECHINACEA whenever you go out, intending, “Echinacea be active in blood stream for the next … hours”. People who catch or play with snakes or are in the midst of snakes within a cage take this homeopathy mother tincture or apply on their body. This particular herb keeps the snakes away. The snakes will not bite. For being bitten by the snake, this tincture should be mixed in water and given. Don’t bother. Thank the snakes before coming out of the house. You have to co-exist. ----------------------------------

Solve land related problems

Tabetha Please suggest which star can be used to solve land related problems and to own a good house. Naran Rohini star and Taurus will help you. ---------------------------------------

Invoking stars

Sangavi According to astrology Sukra Dasa is currently running for me. It will be for 20 years. Please suggest remedies so that I get full fruitful benefits of this Dasa. Naran Pray to Sukra ---------------------------------------

Anuradha Tomorrow is a full-moon day. And I have planned to start invoking of star Arudra. Just chanting is enough or we have to do anything else. Naran Chant, “I Open Align to the Grace of Divine Arudra star”


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