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Mantra to stand on your own legs


What is the specialty of this mantra? It activates all the Chakras. When you look at Ganesha, the right-side tusk is broken. In the female elephant, there is no tusk. Only male elephant has a tusk. Ganesh represents both male and female energy. This mantra is for stability in one’s life. A special mantra for those, especially for women who are fighting the divorce cases, when they fight for money. Numbers of women do not divorce because they are financially dependent on their husband. Every time, women ask their husband for money. It’s also there in the family. If those women chant this mantra for a month then their husband will automatically give money to them.

How will I sustain if my husband is not there? This question will be there in the mind of most of the women. This mantra will be helpful in those situations. It will help you to stand on your own legs.


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