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Letting GO in Action

How to bring the mind to do letting go? Let us say, you are angry. Then affirm, “I am not the mind. I feel angry.” Here you have changed “I am angry”to “I feel angry”. If you are happy then affirm, “I feel happy”, and so on.

Prepare a checklist of emotions List the emotionsyou are feeling currently. Irrespective of whether they are positive or negative, release them.

Let us see an example Somebody cheats you. How you let go the emotions attached with this incident? List the emotions first. For example:

  1. Let him go to hell

  2. He is not fair

  3. How can he do this to me, when I have done so much to him?(One thought will generate another thought) Take the first one “Let him to hell”.

  4. Affirm, “I accept this thought.”

  5. I ask the mind,“Can I release it?”

  6. If it says no, then I question back the mind, “When can I release it?”

  7. If it keeps quiet, then I ask the mind, “Can I release at least 10% of the thought?”

  8. If it says yes, then I release the 10%. It is just a mind game. Playing games with mind like this will confuse it. A confused mind cannot have any impact on your actions.

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