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Jelly Fish for Marital Bliss

R Mohan A friend of mine had conflicts with her husband and her in-laws, within six weeks of her wedding. After two years, the situation has not improved and it is getting worse. She does not want to go for a divorce for the sake of her child. Naran S. Balakumar made Jelly Fish pills. She had to put five pills of Jelly Fish along with five pills of Harmony Pack in the common drinking water. In addition, she has to keep Jelly Fish photograph in her purse too. After 5 days of this application, she and her husband had dinner together. After many months, he told her that he appreciates the amount of effort she puts in, for the sake of the family and expressed his love for her. They are still a long way to go, but definitely, Jelly Fish had given them a good start. As an additional benefit, her problems with her servant-maid have improved. The house cleaner who was looking after my friend’s kid was threatening to leave the job, without giving any valid reasons and throwing temper tantrums. My friend remarks, the servant seems to be receptive. Use Jelly Fish to patch up relationships and as it helps us to come out of any conflict situations. Harmony pack to bring harmony within oneself and in turn will bring in harmony around us. Please contact Naran S. Balakumar if you need the pills. You can also get pills made out of animal spirits.


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