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I cannot forgive- part 2

When you forgive a person or an event, do with an open mind.

Why forgiveness is important?
Anger, resentment will always bring you loss only.

What will happen if you don’t forgive?
Not forgiving will always keep you a permanent loser.
An anecdote from Mahabharatha:
When Krishna started for peace talks with Gauravas, Draupadi requested Krishna not to accept any peace negotiations and War is the only solution for all their misdeeds. Krishna said, “If you decide war is the only solution, there is no necessity for a peace mission.” However, Krishna’s peace mission failed and Mahabharatha war took place.

Guaravas were defeated in the war. Ashwathama wanted to revenge Pandavas for killing Duriyodhanan. He stealthily entered the camp and beheaded the upapandavas (Children of Pandavas) and escaped from there. Arjuna caught him and brought him to Draupadi, expecting her to punish the sinner who killed their children.

Draupadi looked at him and without any anger, resentment, she stood up and prostrated him, asked Arjuna to set him free.

Her act shocked everyone. She slowly said “He is Guru’s son, and I see Guru in him”. And added “I lost my children. That’s my fate. Let no other mother face my current childless state.”

What brought this change in her?
Earlier, Draupadi did not understand the consequences of war, demanded for revenge on Gauravas. After the war, she learnt the consequences of anger, vengeful behaviour.

She insisted on war to take revenge on the injustices against Pandavas, though they won the war (gain) but she learnt the valuable lesson through the loss of upapandavas. She forgave Ashwatama to put an end to anger, wrath and all vengeful behaviour.

Case Study
A middle-aged man was cheated by a builder. He filed a case in court. After 10 years he won the case. What happened next?

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