I am in great need of money

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

I tried all mantra chanting. I could not see any result.

What should I do?

Analyze your past:

Find whether you have squandered money, when it was available.

When someone needed support, did you lend your helping hand?

Do the thanking exercise for all those who gave you something - it need not be money.

Right from the parents to relatives to friends think of your receiving from them.

Whatever you have received from them so far , whether it is love or any article , you thank them one by one.

Thank those who have helped you.

Write in a paper what all you have hidden so far from others, what you could not tell others and burn the paper.

After doing this and thanking exercise,


WRITE DAILY 28 Times, I align with the part of me which is committed to GIVE.

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