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Husband said he will never come back, but he did

Lalitha I have been married for 12 years. We had a good life for 10 years and prospered very well with 3 beautiful kids. 16 months back we had been separated. Both the kids are with me. The separation is because of my husband loving another divorced lady. He is very happy without me and kids and enjoys life with her. He has not divorced me yet. He does not see me at all and says he will never come back. I am in great agony because of this.


Lalitha Will this chanting help for him and the lady free themselves from their entanglement? If so, is there any procedure to chant the words – time of the day, number of times, louder or silent?

Naran Chant as many times as possible, anytime, anywhere, silently or loudly. Do the forgiving exercise for the lady involved with your husband. For example, “I Lalitha forgive you.... (name of the person). You please forgive me and release me”. This forgiveness statement which can be repeated mechanically, as many times as possible.

Lalitha My husband's sister just called to say that my husband is continuously trying to hint that he wants to marry his girlfriend. He is trying his best to convince his family members. I am alone here with my 2 kids. Anything can be done to stop this Adharma (injustice)?

Naran Whenever fear grips you, say “I release my fear ...” Whenever you feel angry, say “I release my anger. I release my desire to control or change anything or anybody”. Rest of the time, chant “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW”

Lalitha I was chanting the switch words and doing the forgiving exercise. I was also listening to your CDs – “WELCOME CHANGE” and “TOGETHER DIVINE”. Miracle has just occurred. My husband had never called me for the last 16 months. Hecalled me today and told me that he wants to get back to us.

Explanation Together, Divine, Adjust, Change,and Now are switch words. TOGETHER, DIVINE: is the basic mantra to fix disharmony in any kind of relationships.  This is available in the form of a CD. ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW:  to adjust to the difficult circumstances and work towards changing it immediately. FORGIVENESS MANTRA:  Unless you forgive a person, nothing can be achieved.


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