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How to handle Fate? Savitri shows the way…. Part 3

Updated: Jan 23

What is Fate?

Fate is the tool of death or Yama. Yama entangles the man (manas).

Who is the co-creator of fate?

Man is the co-creator of fate.

Your own actions, your own reactions, words that you speak, only creates fate.

If an event happens, you extend the event by judging, thinking, blaming or arguing about it again and again.

These judgements lead to arguments and fights and in turn lead to your fate. Every human being is the creator of his/her fate.

If superman descends on earth, heaven is established in the earth itself.

In heaven, the souls are immortal & happy, Superman’s descension will make the earth immortal, happy.

What is the scientific proof for this?

All the quantum scientists say that the next human race is waiting to be born on the earth and he is in the fifth dimension. This corroborates with the above story.

How to apply this Savitri line (AND ONE GREAT ACT UNLOCK THE DOORS OF THE FATE)in our life?

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